3 mistakes you might be making (and need to stop today!)

Sleeping on dirty pillowcases 

There is no better feeling than wiping the day away with your night routine and crawling into bed. But could your pillow case be impacting the condition of your skin? 

Our pillows absorb everything, including oils, makeup, sweat, bacteria, and drool. Each of these can become trapped in the material and cause breakouts. So it’s important to flip your pillow over each night to sleep on the ‘clean side’, turn your case inside out midweek, and wash your pillowcase once a week.

Learn more about the impacts your pillow might be having on your skin and how to improve it.

Using the same towel for your face and body 

Not only are you transferring product residue from your body to your face that may not be appropriate for your more sensitive face but you’re also transferring bacteria, fungus, dead skin cells, and other debris.

Each of these can be the cause of irritation and acne flare ups. So, like your pillowcase, wash your towels regularly and think twice before you dry your face with the same towel as your body. 

Brushing your teeth after your skincare routine  

I bet you’ve never stopped and thought about this one before. Do you brush your teeth and then do your skincare? Or do your skincare and then brush your teeth? If you answer, brush your teeth first, you need to stop. 

It doesn’t matter how tidy you think you are at brushing your teeth, chances are you’ll get some toothpaste on your skin - meaning you wipe it and your skincare off. But, you might also leave toothpaste residue on your skin, leading to dryness, irritation, and over stimulation of your oil glands.