3 vegan skincare myths explained

Are you curious about vegan skincare but not sure if it will work? Most people don’t realise just how beneficial vegan skincare actually is! Here are three common myths about vegan skincare that are simply not true!

  1. Myth: Vegan skincare isn’t as effective. 

Truth: Vegan skincare is just as effective as ‘conventional’ skincare, if not more effective. Formulations with fewer synthetic and more plant-based ingredients, containing vitamins A, C and E, and natural oils are closer to their natural state making them more effective. 

  1. Myth: The best skincare ingredients aren’t vegan. 

Truth: While it’s true some of the hottest skincare ingredients come from animals, it is possible to find plant-based alternatives. For example, squalene, bet you didn’t know this hero ingredient is actually shark liver oil (mind blown) But it’s not all bad news because sharks aren’t the only source of squalene, there are vegan options such as macadamia oil, olives, amaranth seed, sugarcane, rice bran, and wheat germ.

  1. Myth: Vegan skincare is more expensive than regular skincare. 

Truth: Like anything, shopping around and looking for deals makes it possible to find vegan-friendly products at an affordable price - sign up to The Lovli List to be the first to know when our 5-star rated products go on sale!