Top tips for healthy winter skin

If you’re anything like me, winter brings mixed emotions. On one hand, I love the wardrobe change but on the other, loathe the dry, cracked, dehydrated skin it brings. The key to minimising or even avoiding these winter impacts is by making a few, simple updates to your skincare routine.

1. Exfoliate 

Sloughing away dead skin cells will not only help rid you of dull and flaky build up but assist in the penetration of your other skincare products. 

2. Change up your moisturiser 

The easiest thing you can do is swap out your moisturiser to a thicker texture and reapply on your makeup free days.

3. Invest in a humidifier 

A humidifier will help restore moisture to the air and your skin hydrated. If you aren't able to run one in the larger rooms of your house, turn it on overnight while you're sleeping. 

4. Protect your lips 

Each morning after brushing your teeth, apply a moisturising lip balm (bonus points if it has SPF) and swap out the matte lipstick for something a bit more moisturising. Each night after applying your Lovli Moisturiser or Lotion, a lip mask is perfect to sleep in.  

5. Book in a facial 

Winter is the perfect time to book in for a range of treatments with your favourite beauty therapist, especially with less sun exposure. 

6. Up your H20

Are you guilty of not drinking water during winter? Just because it's colder doesn't mean you don't need the same amount of water during the day as in summer! 

7. Pat yourself dry 

Pat your skin dry when you get out of the shower rather than rubbing your arms and legs. This minor change will help retain moisture and applying our Botanical Hydrating Moisturiser soon after will assist in sealing water into the skin. 

8. Don't forget your SPF

Just because it's grey outside doesn't mean you don't need SPF. Just apply it and if you don't think you need to, apply it anyway.