Your guide to summer skin

Summer is here and while it may have started off a little chilly for those on the East Coast, the sun is out and our skin will start feeling (and showing) it. Here are some easy to follow tips to incorporate.


It's the most crucial, fundamental advice - wear SPF and reapply it! 

2. Up the moisture 

We don't just mean increasing your water intake (although that is a must!), you should also continue moisturising your skin. Even if you feel oily and sweaty, your body continues to loose moisture and hydration during summer - contributing to dry, rough, dull skin and increasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Morale of the story, moisturise morning and night (especially when sleeping in air-con). 

3. Introduce a Vitamin C Serum 

Vitamin C Serums are excellent all year round, but particularly in the summer as the sun can cause dark spots and wrinkles. Introducing a Vitamin C Serum into your routine can help reduce the appearance of these impacts. Just remember to apply your SPF afterwards. 

4. Cut down the shower time

If you're like me and can't stand the heat, you might find your self having more than one shower throughout the day. During summer, reduce the time you spend in the shower (try 3-4 mins) and make sure the water temp isn't hot as this can also dry out your skin. Don't forget to pat yourself dry and use a different towel for you body and face. 

5. Adapt your time table 

If you're making plans for outdoor activities, try to schedule them around the cooler times of the day. Instead of a mid-morning walk, try waking up an hour earlier or setting off later in the evening. 

6. Lighten up your make up 

You should be removing your make up every day but during summer, perhaps take a break from wearing any at all. If you don't want to, look to switch up to a lighter foundation or powder.