Your Skin Barrier: what is it & why should you protect it?

What is the skin barrier?

Consider your skin's outermost layer, the skin barrier, as a barricade that keeps out irritants and harmful threats while keeping the good stuff, like water, in.

What happens if it's compromised?

Skin problems like dryness, dehydration, itching, inflammation, and acne can be brought on by a compromised skin barrier. It also makes it tough to fight off age-related indications and post-breakout marks.

As a result, maintaining your skin barrier is crucial if you want clear, healthy skin.

How to care for your skin barrier

- Simplify your skincare routine. Over doing it with the actives may do more harm than good.  

- If you suffer from acne, stick to your routine and give it time to work. Healthy skin isn't an over night process so go easy on yourself. 

- Your skin shouldn't feel dry and tight after using your cleanser, if it does, it isn't the right cleanser for you. 

- Use lukewarm (not hot) water and gently pat dry your skin. 

- Don't over exfoliate, just don't.